Alternative Names for This Blog…

Since we’ve last caught up I’ve made great efforts to read books for leisure rather than educational purposes.
Growing up, we didn’t always have cable and my parents used to take us to the library a few times a month.  My parents had to put a limit on my Babysitter’s Club or Sweet Valley High books because it got a little out of control.  In the summer, my mom used to pay me $0.25 a book to encourage summer reading.  Looking back, I’m thankful she did that.

Before there was SATC…

I’ve really gotten into reading humor.  Throughout the years I’ve picked up a variety of Chelsea Handler books, I am nearly finished with Bossypants but I truly love Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me?  (And Other Concerns).  My favorite chapter in the book is called Alternative Titles for This Book
As I’ve began to think about what sort of blog I want this to be and in just what direction I want the subject matter to fall in… I came up with my own list for this blog.
Alternative Names for this Blog

  • Just another Asian girl doing YouTube Tutorials
  • How Coffee Saved my Life
  • Graduate School; Prolonging Adulthood
  • Tricks for Avoiding People in Public Without it Being Awkward
  • Why Running While Eating a Cupcake Doesn’t Work
  • Great Wisconsin Cheeses
  • The Hilarious Names and Things said by Inner City Children
  • Growing up Yellow in Small Town Wisconsin
  • Burpees and Other Fears Examined
  • Where to Find Fashionable Shoes in Size 3
  • One Girl’s Quest to Wear a Sports Bra Under Everything
  • How to Wear Dark Eye Makeup Without Looking like a Hooker
  • I Only Run Sometimes So It’s Not Going to be in the Title

Hope you enjoyed that little preview of what’s to come.  This year I promise to share more of my workouts, recipes, experiences and sass.