A Lot Less Hair…

First off, let’s talk about hair.  I have a whole lot less of it.

new haircut

I took the plunge, I used a Groupon and I had my hair colored, deep conditioned and cut into a long(ish) bob.  She styled it with a round brush, flat iron and a little bit of backcombing. P.S. I always really watch how the stylist does my hair rather than sitting there awkwardly…ask questions and see if your stylist sections it when blow drying it, the angles they flat iron it, what types of brushes they use and what types of products they use.  Then you won’t be able to say to your friends “It will never look this good again.”

Prior to my appointment, I woke up that morning, had some coffee and showered.  I always debate whether or not I should do anything to my hair, leave it wet, dry or dirty when I know it’s just going to be washed and cut anyway…?

By the way, I’m not exactly pleasant in the morning…  I’m pretty much useless without my morning coffee.

Grumpy without coffee

Someday, I’ll post the products I use, how I style my hair and extensions I’ve used in the past. I recently heard about a product called Back Comb in a bottle… I think I’ll have to check that out.


My hair is abnormal in that it’s not typical ethnic Asian hair.  I don’t have that gorgeous thick, jet black hair.  Instead I have a hot mess of wavy, fine hair that needs to be styled or sits like an afro on my head in the summer.  Awesome.

weave gurl

We went for a really hot and long walk this weekend.  Afterwards I was feeling dehydrated.  So I tried the Power Ice I had received from my Bulu Box Living Social Coupon.

Frozen ice pops

It reminded me of the frozen Gatorades I used to drink during the summers of my soccer playing days.  I may try and concoct something of the sort one of these days…