17 Day Diet; Beating the Boredom

Currently, I am on day 15 of Cycle 1, however after a weekend out of town for a wedding… I will be trying out the Transition Smoothie Day; the new addition to the Breakthrough Edition.

Because this isn’t my first time on the 17 day, here are some tried and true favorites of mine to keep you from the boredom of grilled chicken and veggies or boring egg whites because let’s face it.. going without your favorite foods can be hard enough, eating the same monotonous foods can be like hearing the same annoying song on the radio over and over…



  • Egg whites with spinach, broccoli,  low-fat cheese, sriracha hot sauce or salsa
  • Scrambled eggs with hot sauce and sugar free preserves
  • Greek yogurt with red grapes or berries
  • Protein smoothie with greek yogurt or kefir frozen fruit, whey protein powder, spinach
  • Protein pancakes from the 17 Day Diet Girl Blog  http://17ddgal.blogspot.com/2012/02/protein-pancakes-c1.html

photo (7)photo (5)

Lunch and Dinner:



  • Fat-free string cheese, Babybell cheese and red grapes or hard boiled egg
  • Buffalo chicken dip and veggies
  • GF jalapeno poppers with fat free cream cheese and fat free cheese
  • Smoothies


More recipes worth trying:


  • When cooking always double check your condiments to make sure they’re conducive to the 17 day diet.
  • Plan your meals on Sundays, pack your lunches the night before and always have 17 day diet compatible snacks on hand.  (apples, oranges and pears)
  • Use lettuce wraps for tacos or sandwich fillings
  • Be conscious of your portions when it comes to your condiments and snacks.  

Since I’ve Been Gone…

So… I always make these empty promises about blogging more often.  I think the majority of my posts begin with a vow to make this more of a habit.  While I always have the best intentions actually living always gets in the way.  I always wonder how people who are living these large lives via social media do it… or how realistic it always is.

Let’s pretend that it hasn’t been an exorbitant amount of time  and jump right in…

(but first some things you should know that have happened):

1.  Adam and I are now engaged.  WOO HOO.  The first week of school I came home to a trail of my favorite things throughout our apartment with notes attached to them.  It was perfect and just indicative of who we are as a couple…  The idea of a proposal at a restaurant or in a public place kind of freaks me out a little bit, so that being said, it was perfect.  I feel fortunate to find someone who makes life fun, makes me sane and makes the bed each day awesome.



2.  Adam recently began a new job so we have moved back to Green Bay.  I’m loving the shorter commute and being closer to friends, diverse groups of people and the ability to take Spanish classes 10 minutes from our apartment.

A Few Quick Tips (for those of us who are always in a rush)

As hard as I try to arrive to places on time and not stress myself out by being rushed, I somehow end up playing around too much and find myself running out the door like a hot mess tornado.

1.  Hang a hook on the front of your bathroom door with a few outfits on it.  Think of this as taking the whole picking your clothes out the night before just one step further.


2.  Utilize Google Calendar or Outlook for Workouts, Meal Planning and grocery list.  If you’re doing the same workout every day of the week for a month you can set up the re-occurrence and also include the contents of the workout on your phone.   I’ll often create an event for meals and include the recipe on the date so that I can quickly look at it on my phone while at the store and use the recipe again when I’m making the meal.

After a day filled with way too many calories and  a lot of conversation I’m ready for a nap and some time to decompress.  Whew.


On Last week’s Episode of My Life…

Considering the last post was almost a year ago it’s safe to say…that life has really gotten away from me.  Instead of going through every agonizing detail, let’s just pretend that you’re watching your favorite TV drama and we’re going to catch you up.

On Last  Year’s Week’s Episode of My Life…

1.  I started a new job at a nonprofit organization, though I only work four days a week it’s safe to say that’s been a contributing factor to my inability to take up a blogging habit.

2.  We went to Florida.  It was Adam’s first time with my family and it was fun showing him around all my favorite spots and for him to see the weird cultural differences that Naples has to offer.  Plus who doesn’t enjoy being surrounded by New Joooisy and Bostaaan accents?

Camera(6) (1)

3.  I received my first speeding ticket and I was involved in a hit and run accident on the highway all in the course of a month.  WHEW.  Wisconsin winter driving is less than awesome.


4.  Adam and I ran our first run together, though let’s face it we didn’t really run it together…  but I’m proud of him for committing to it and sticking through it.

5.  I finished my first year of graduate school.  I ended the year with a 3.5 GPA, a lot less money, an even more severe caffeine addiction and little to no printer ink. 

Here are some additional photos from the course of the year….  


floridasalmon   Harry Potter World  
Stay tuned, this year will only be better, I promise.


Back to the Blender

I haven’t posted in forever and in an effort to make sure this doesn’t become another fleeting habit… I’ve ditched my ten-page paper to create a quick post.  (oops!)
Goodbye Sperry-weather!  
outfit for fall
Dress:  PacSun Scarf:  Target Shoes:  Sperry Kids via Zappos Cardigan:  Urban Outfitters Watch:  Michael Kors via Nordstrom
  • Sweatpants & Hoodies
  • Boots, leggings, scarves
  • Soup & any other warm comfort food
  • Hot coffee, Apple Cider, Tea
  • Football Season
  • BIRTHDAY MONTH (my birthday is in November)
  • That nostalgic back to school feeling
Summer in a word was… BUSY.  With so many friends getting married it was comprised of a fair amount of many wedding-related events.  Bachelorette parties, bridal showers, weddings and a lot of traveling.  It will be nice to stay put for once but it’s unlikely that it will a:  happen soon and b:  be a feeling that I’ll enjoy once it actually happens.
However, because I’m crazy  ready for something different, I have decided to leave my great, relaxing, nanny job and take on a new position with a local nonprofit.  I’ll be commuting quite a bit but it will be a great opportunity to get back to using my Spanish skills and I’ll be one step closer to realizing my career goals.
Finally, being busy and being lazy (not sure how I managed to be both at the same time) has taken a toll on my eating habits and after seeing the numbers on the scale start to reflect my choices.  It’s time to stop eating meals like these…
lobster mac & cheese-001
And get back to starting my days like this..
Frozen & Fresh Fruit+Kefir+Fruit&Protein+two scoops whey protein+almond milk
Happy Monday!