17 Day Diet; Beating the Boredom

Currently, I am on day 15 of Cycle 1, however after a weekend out of town for a wedding… I will be trying out the Transition Smoothie Day; the new addition to the Breakthrough Edition.

Because this isn’t my first time on the 17 day, here are some tried and true favorites of mine to keep you from the boredom of grilled chicken and veggies or boring egg whites because let’s face it.. going without your favorite foods can be hard enough, eating the same monotonous foods can be like hearing the same annoying song on the radio over and over…



  • Egg whites with spinach, broccoli,  low-fat cheese, sriracha hot sauce or salsa
  • Scrambled eggs with hot sauce and sugar free preserves
  • Greek yogurt with red grapes or berries
  • Protein smoothie with greek yogurt or kefir frozen fruit, whey protein powder, spinach
  • Protein pancakes from the 17 Day Diet Girl Blog  http://17ddgal.blogspot.com/2012/02/protein-pancakes-c1.html

photo (7)photo (5)

Lunch and Dinner:



  • Fat-free string cheese, Babybell cheese and red grapes or hard boiled egg
  • Buffalo chicken dip and veggies
  • GF jalapeno poppers with fat free cream cheese and fat free cheese
  • Smoothies


More recipes worth trying:


  • When cooking always double check your condiments to make sure they’re conducive to the 17 day diet.
  • Plan your meals on Sundays, pack your lunches the night before and always have 17 day diet compatible snacks on hand.  (apples, oranges and pears)
  • Use lettuce wraps for tacos or sandwich fillings
  • Be conscious of your portions when it comes to your condiments and snacks.  

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