On Last week’s Episode of My Life…

Considering the last post was almost a year ago it’s safe to say…that life has really gotten away from me.  Instead of going through every agonizing detail, let’s just pretend that you’re watching your favorite TV drama and we’re going to catch you up.

On Last  Year’s Week’s Episode of My Life…

1.  I started a new job at a nonprofit organization, though I only work four days a week it’s safe to say that’s been a contributing factor to my inability to take up a blogging habit.

2.  We went to Florida.  It was Adam’s first time with my family and it was fun showing him around all my favorite spots and for him to see the weird cultural differences that Naples has to offer.  Plus who doesn’t enjoy being surrounded by New Joooisy and Bostaaan accents?

Camera(6) (1)

3.  I received my first speeding ticket and I was involved in a hit and run accident on the highway all in the course of a month.  WHEW.  Wisconsin winter driving is less than awesome.


4.  Adam and I ran our first run together, though let’s face it we didn’t really run it together…  but I’m proud of him for committing to it and sticking through it.

5.  I finished my first year of graduate school.  I ended the year with a 3.5 GPA, a lot less money, an even more severe caffeine addiction and little to no printer ink. 

Here are some additional photos from the course of the year….  


floridasalmon   Harry Potter World  
Stay tuned, this year will only be better, I promise.


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